Automotive wipers, how to choose?



Automotive wipers, how to choose?

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For most car owners, wipers use about six months or so, a good wiper blade about a year, there will be a variety of size problems . In
order to protect the wipers wipe a good effect, we must always check the status of the wipers. If abnormal, promptly replace the new
wiper .



So, how to choose car wipers ?



Wipers buy tips



1. To consider the flexibility of the strip .
Know your car is using what kind of wiper blade, you can refer to the car manual, see above the wiper model. If you do not understand,
you can call the service consultant, but also can confirm the wiper blade and wiper arm connection .



2. Note that the way the strut is connected to the wiper arm is matched, because some of the arm is screwed to the arm, the need to pay
more attention to the purchase .



3. Pull the wiper and touch it with your finger on the cleaned rubber wiper blade to check if there is any damage. If the elasticity of the
rubber blade changes, that is, the blade is aged, hardened and cracked, then the wiper blade Unqualified .



4. During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions and check if the wiper maintains a constant speed at different
speeds. Especially in intermittent working conditions, but also pay attention to whether the wiper blade to maintain a certain speed
during exercise .



5. Check the wiping state, as well as wiper strut uneven swing or scraping phenomenon. If the following three conditions, indicating that
this wiper blade failed.


Wobbly swing, wipers do not bounce. Rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not be completely fit, resulting wipe residue .
After wiping the glass surface presents a water film state, resulting in small streaks of glass, fog and linear residue.








In order to avoid counterfeit products, in the choice of as much as possible contrast, as much as possible to buy brand manufacturers products

I believe topex is a very good choice, try our best to meet the needs of each customer and serve you wholeheartedly .



No matter what type of wiper, be sure to use rain water. Wiper blade is to clean the rain on the front windshield. Never dry it dry As water increases frictional resistance, will cause damage to the rubber scraper and wiper motor !





Even if there is rain, if the rainfall is not big enough to start the wiper blade should not scratch. Be sure to wait for enough rain on the glass surface .


Saying here is ” enough ” that it will not stop the driver’s attention. In addition, the use of wiper blades to remove dust on the surface of the windshield is not recommended .


Even if you want to do so, be sure to spray glass of water at the same time, must not dry dry. If there is something sturdy on the windshield, such as pigeons and dried birds, do not scratch directly with a wiper, please first manually remove guano .


These hard things ( other large particles such as gravel ) can easily cause local damage to the wiper blade, resulting in scratches do not clean rainwater .




Old and new wiper models to match


Wiper installation points: old and new wiper models to match



Relatively speaking, the installation of boneless wipers than traditional wipers easy to install. Just open the installation box, wiper blades can be directly extracted.


When the conventional wiper is replaced, the fixing of the wiper blade is usually a U-shaped hook, and the wiper can be removed as long as the hook is gently mentioned .



When installing wipers, pay attention to the new and old wipers model size, in addition to pay attention to the location of the two wipers, because some wipers of the same length, and some models have two wipers a long A short, so you need to know in advance when installing the car, and pay attention to supporting the installation site .

Topex remind the majority of riders: wipers are consumables, to ground inspection, timely replacement .



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